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Born in Canada, 1984. Balwant Francisco Parihar grew up in the Lower Mainland, with two younger sisters, and two loving parents immersed in their own retail business since day one. He grew up on Soccer, Rugby, Billiards, Super Nintendo, and Spirituality. After a journey of self worth and personal courage, he has sharpened his communication skills to become an influencer and a business strategist.

Born in Canada, 1984. Balwant Francisco Parihar grew up in the Lower Mainland, with two younger sisters, and two loving parents immersed in their own retail business since day one. He grew up on Soccer, Rugby, Billiards, Super Nintendo, and Spirituality. After a journey of self worth and personal courage, he has sharpened his communication skills to become an influencer and a business strategist.

Here is his story:



I had become the highest producing sales agent in the company I worked for.
I was promoted through 3 positions that year, and things were looking up.
It was a major Canadian company Call Center where I found my last straw.

Up until this point, I was a serial employee. I was fumbling and bouncing between 0-3 jobs a year, trying to find my place in a Customer Service Career. It truly was a blessing to find this corporate job, finally a place where I could become the company man I always wanted to be, and fulfill my rise to Corporate Management.

The dream of any lazy, somewhat intelligent person looking for that 'job security.' When I say serial employee, I had over 30 jobs under 30 years old, I went from inbound to outbound, door to door, kiosk to counter, from food, clothing, tech support, to finances, insurance, and car sales, you name it. I worked there.

So imagine how I felt when I got fired after finally finding a place to call home for 3 years...That was the last straw. From there, I started out my official journey as an Entrepreneur in the Spring of 2014. I looked back to my high school friend and saw the success he worked for. I was wanting to create something similar for myself. To be frank, I was at wits end. I jumped into direct sales. Something I never thought I would do. This whirlwind of meetings, events, bugging family and friends, personal development, traveling, acquiring mentors and coaches, was actually overwhelming.

I embarked on the journey to become a freelance business entrepreneur.

I always had the passion to lead, to teach, to help someone grow. I displayed this in any job I stayed long enough to promote me, I often found myself as a Team Lead, Manager, GM, Supervisor, some shiny badge and a whip, with a bigger whip behind me!

It was the quote from Zig Ziglar that really spoke to me during my years as a Car Salesman, that ignited the path before me...

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
I wanted to be successful. I wanted to leave a legacy on this planet. I wanted to create a wealth that striked pride in my parents and family. I wanted to be present for a family one day. These dreams were with me since before I was 20. So as I grew into my 30's... Not having achieved them... My depression grew. It led me down a deep dive of addiction, and poor self image. I held up the appearance that everything was good, while I was drowning on the inside. Only my closest mentors knew how dark it really got. I hid a lethal addiction to a carousel of things while I faked it in life, just moving through the motions. I had no success, I was living on debt. I made one dollar and spent three. I was contentious and self righteous with an argumentative and self sabotaging personality. I found my false sense of worth in the approval of others. I had the right intentions, I had the right business, the right mentors, others were making good income and leaving their jobs for good. But for me? Something was missing...

Along this journey, I gave up on myself more times than I care to admit. But the thing about success is that moving through your failures is a cornerstone of them. Every book I read, every time I showed up, everything I learned or listened to... Was all collecting spiritual interest behind my back. To me however, I felt like my pride was tougher than a cockroach in a nuclear aftermath. Impossible to kill. My poor attitude failed to realize this perseverance.

See the reason I failed in business was the same reason I failed in jobs. I didn't take myself seriously, I had negative beliefs around money. I damaged myself, and expected the world to pay me for my time. But there was something I knew about business that I gleaned from the experiences I had as an employee...


If you keep at something, you will eventually figure it out. It's like riding a bike, snowboarding, or playing chess.

There are rules and moves you can make in order to become proficient. I always had this gift of the gab, but I never had the chiseled discipline to sharpen that tool, and to this day I like to think that a natural ability replaced a lot of the hard work, which is also the exact same reason why my success was severely delayed. I already knew how to train someone how to flip a burger, serve a customer, sell a car, or fix an email. That natural leadership within me grew inside of business all the while it served someone else's vision. I became the biggest potential, failure to launch. Entrepreneurs would seek me out, asking me questions and piling in on my authority... What gives? As soon as they were in the business, I was a resource... But to those I marketed to, I was a scam or a flight risk... What made me powerful on the inside but weak on the outside?

It led me down a path of learning how to speak greatness into others. How to measure someone from the inside out, and bring a conscious awareness to their power and their challenges. I started to feel the accruing interest of my previous action turn into dividends.

See my mentor taught me a powerful lesson... What I have now is a result of what I have been doing up to now. And what I do now is a reflection of my future results. I knew the failure of being fired, disappointing my parents, not showing up to parties and events due to financial feelings of inadequacy. That scared me the most. To think that I wanted to be some big hot shot, but was actually just an empty fraud.

I started to see my posture grow, I gained the confidence to come clean about my addiction, to help others. More so to free myself. I realized it was all part and parcel of my growing curve so that when I truly 'made it' in life, I would have the authentic integrity to never let it get the best of me.

Fast forward 5 years later now

I have my own family, a loving and gorgeous fiance, my best friend in business and in life. I have a growing global team of inspired entrepreneurs and clients that line up to see me and hear me make sense of their lives.

I created a work from home life, I spoke on global stages, inspired millions of dollars of revenue, helped hundreds of people find value in themselves and position them for success in their lives.

I was adopted into a family of children, I had one of my own. My lady and I got engaged, we started to engineer the life of our dreams, our dream lifestyle was coming together.

We got the mountain-side waterfront home, the brand new Black SUV, the expensive ring, traveled around the world as a family, and word of mouth was spreading. It led me to create systems for myself to handle the flow of entrepreneurs entering my space...


Well now... the future looks very bright. We plan to build our next home, speak on more stages, plan retreats, and serve more people than ever before. All because of this one fateful day, I decided to take control back of my life, and wrestled myself until I eventually came out victorious.

Now? Life is beautiful. I no longer wonder if I'll ever make it... I no longer stay up with worry about what I am going to do with my life. I feel the love of the universe conspiring toward my achievements.


Now I spend my time rebuilding brands and people. Now I invest in the future of others who are dead set on making their lives and others a better place to be in. Now I get to stand tall for my children and my family, my parents, and my friends, and be a light for them in dark places.

My goal and my dream is to do this for you too. If you are reading this, you've been called to a greater destiny unfolding before you, and I have appeared as a conduit towards that dream.

I will absolutely inspire you to follow those lofty goals. I will give you the strategy, and understanding that will ultimately allow you to build on as a foundation of momentum.

It is my honour, and my privilege to serve you in business and in life. I give you a sacred prayer for your success...

You are worthy of it. Your desired life is on the other side of your limiting beliefs, the blocks you've been indoctrinated under. Underneath the values that others have painted you with, is the spirit that hasn't given up on yourself. I see it clearly plain as day. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

That is why I am confident in your true success story.

That is why I have committed to always being a student. I will always learn how to better communicate that message hidden in your stars, to wake you up to your soul's Wealth Manifesto...


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